If you want high quality block paving Greenan Landscapes are the answer. Despite having developed a reputation for sinking and moving, block paving is beneficial when having work carried out on services at your property, such as gas mains or drains, as the blocks can be taken up and re-laid after work has been completed. Another advantage is that as long as the driveway has been installed to a high standard, you could have a new and different driveway in 10/15 year’s time, by laying the latest designer blocks on to the existing sand bed and therefore saving a significant amount of money. Maintenance is vital to ensure your driveway stays in good condition. We recommend that driveways are cleaned and sealed every 2-3 years to keep the natural stone paving looking first-rate.

Driveways need to be excavated to a minimum depth of 250mm, sometimes this will need to be increased if we find bad ground or soft spots. The subbase should be constructed using MOT type 1 material to a depth of 175mm and compacted with either a heavy duty roller or a heavy duty wacker plate and not a small lightweight wacker plate as so many contractors use. The subbase should not be constructed using broken flags, concrete, bricks etc as they will not compact together unless they have been through a crusher machine.

We have carried out block paving in Ayrshire and the most effective results occur if it is laid on 25mm of Zone 2 grit sand with the correct falls to allow all surface water to drain away. To achieve the best finish all cuts should be made with a Sthil saw that has a diamond tip blade. Marshalls’ blocks are high quality paving blocks. Competitors will try and convince you that their blocks are better being 20% thicker than the industry standard, however, they are in fact poorer quality. This has been concluded after extensive testing. As long as the subbase is constructed to the correct specification then 50mm blocks are more than adequate for residential driveways. Marshalls have now reduced their carbon footprint in the manufacturing of their products and are way ahead of their competitors on environmental issues.

We also offer additional monoblock maintenance services such as repairs, pressure washer cleaning and resealing. Make your monoblock look like new, give us a call today to get a quote.

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